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BLS’ Youth

Until recently the youth has had no movement of its own within BLS. Young people joined the existing BLS divisions wherever they studied or worked. Still, the questions of establishing a clearly shaped youth movement and of the youth representation at BLS governing bodies were raised during BLS Rada meetings.

BLS Youth Movement

This movement is a reality now. The first meeting of young BLS activists took place in 2009. Promoting the Belarusian language among students and applying new technologies to the language promotion were discussed. The BLS youth commission was established. Kiryl Syćko from Lida was elected as the first youth coordinator.

Alieś Viarciejka is the present coordinator elected in 2010. Since 2010 the commission has carried out a number of seminars with progressive Belarusian writers and scientists. A series of Belarusian phrasebooks was launched. A number of BLS divisions were established at Minsk universities.
The first noticeable fruit of the youth commission’s labors was a Belarusian phrasebook. It was followed by the English-Belarusian and Belarusian English Phrasebook. A Swedish-Belarusian phrasebook is ready and handed to the Swedish embassy, while a German-Belarusian one will be finished quite soon.
The mission of the BLS youth commission is popularizing the Belarusian language among the youth both in Belarus and abroad.
To accomplish this objective we will continue to organize seminars on the Belarusian language as well as literature-related meetings, summer camps and scientific conferences. New technologies will be used extensively.
If You’re young, energetic and share our views, then join us in one of the following ways:
· VKontakte.
· – E-mail.
· Or fill in the admission form and bring it to the BLS headquarters  (г. Мінск, вул. Румянцава, 13).
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