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Local branches and divisions

Vicebsk regional branch of the BLC

The branch was established on October 30, 1997. The well-known public activist Iosif Adamavič Navumčyk had been its longstanding head. Head of Vicebsk regional branch of the BLC Juryj Babič.

Divisions in the following towns are active today: Vicebsk and Vicebsk region, Polack and Polack region, Navapolack, Hlybokaje, Pastavy, Šarkaǔščyna, Verhnjadzvinsk, Haradok, Orša, Ušačy. Some regional branches embrace rural divisions, like in Padsville or in Hermanavčiy. Vicebsk district branch has more than 300 active members.


Legal address:
Віцебск, вул. Леніна, 33. Індэкс: 210026

The head:

Juryj Michajlavič Babič (+ 37529 3084978);

Deputy heads:
Sakalova Alena (+ 37529 7184688).

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